Contestants Info

Candice Z.

Birth place:
Mandarin, English
Administrative Assistant
Childhood dreams:
To become a singer
What do you want to achieve when you are 25?
I hope that I can discover and pursue my lifetime career.
Which city will be the best place to realize your dream?
Los Angeles, Beijing
Hiking, surfing, kayaking, singing, dancing, snowboarding, traveling
Fav. color:
Fav. animal:
Cats, dogs
Fav. sport:
Surfing, kayaking, snowboarding, running, hiking
Fav. dance:
Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz, Hip hop
Fav. Artiste/ celebrity:
Beyoncé, Jessi, Jessie J, Malasung
Artistes you wish to collaborate with:
Beyoncé, Jessi, Jessie J, Malasung
Fav. Miss Chinese Vancouver and why:
Linda Chung. I love that she can both sing and act.
Your female role model and why:
Beyoncé. She is humble, hardworking and persistent. She is also very influential and makes a significant impact.
What is the most beautiful object or incident in the world?
Confidence and perseverance
Which body parts are you most satisfied with?
My eyes
Do you have any expectations towards the Pageant?
I want to become a better individual and expand my horizon.
What areas do you want to better yourself?
Speaking Cantonese
Reasons for joining the Pageant:
I want to encourage girls who do not fit in the popular beauty standard and let them know that they are beautiful confident individuals. I also wish to use of this bigger platform to help and influence others.
Why do you think you will excel at this Pageant and be “The One” for Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant?
My determination and perseverance.
If you won this contest, how, as Miss Chinese Vancouver, would you contribute to the society and the world?
I would like to use the Miss Chinese Vancouver Title to help less fortunate people in the society by volunteering and providing more positive energy.