Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant 2019 – You Are The One!


Entering its 25th year, Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant has been a milestone for countless young ambitious hearts to realize their dreams in the artistic world. Previous MCVP winners like Bernice Liu, Linda Chung, Leanne Li, Eliza Sam, Gloria Tang and many more have risen to stardom through this glamorous platform. Impressed by their success, a number of talented ladies strived to follow their footsteps, first to be crowned Miss Chinese Vancouver, then embark on a victorious path.


In 2005, elite student Crystal Li was a research assistant prior to spontaneously auditioning for the Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant. Her continuous hard work and determination won her the championship, opening up even more opportunities at the same time. Crystal’s perfect figure and gracious manner immediately earned her a modelling contract with one of the top entertainment companies in Taiwan. MCVP’s intensive training also paved the way for her to transition easily to the MCing field later. Crystal is presently one of the much sought-after hosts, appearing in multiple events like product launches, gala dinners and business functions. As a mother, Crystal regularly shares personal photos, updating the public on her loving family as well.


The shy Erica Chui was encouraged by her family to send in an application. She soon conquered her timid personality and captured the title of Miss Chinese Vancouver 2011. The constant media exposure and training at MCVP equipped her for a career launch in the Hong Kong entertainment industry shortly after. Erica always shines with confidence now as evidenced by her outstanding performances as culinary program host, TV commercials model, and as an actor in dramas and movies. For the very first time, she took on a role in an historical drama in China but managed to overcome the language barrier by practicing Mandarin meticulously, hoping to showcase an elevated version of herself.


Half Chinese and half Columbian, Maria Rincon had always aspired to dancing and performing. Winning the MCVP 2016 title brought her closer to her goal as a host for special events. Fluently bilingual in Chinese and English, Maria was actively participating in charitable events as an MC. In recent years, she shifted her work base to China and has made appearances in China Hunan TV Official Channel and China Central Television as a Chinese Canadian program host. An enthusiastic learner, Maria decided to further her study earlier this year. Her intelligence won her a full scholarship at the prestigious School of Journalism and Communication, Tsinghua University. She will be starting her 2 year masters program in fall.


15 years have passed in a blink of an eye. The Miss Chinese Vancouver 2003 and Miss Chinese International 2004 Linda Chung has advanced from a young and bubbly girl into an elegant goddess. She is now entering another stage of her life, focusing on raising her family. With her outstanding achievements in the film and television industry, Linda always remembers Fairchild TV as the starting point of her glamorous journey. Just last year, she accepted an invitation as a judge at the Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant 2018 with pride and witnessed the crowning of another of her successors. Now a mother of two, Linda just released a new song “Mommy I Love You So” to express her unconditional love for her daughter. Apart from writing the music and English lyrics, she also took the producer’s seat. Adding this personal touch to the video meant a lot to the whole family indeed. Linda will be releasing more works shortly in preparation for her Southeast Asia concert next year.


Miss Chinese Vancouver 2017 Cheryl Ng was often likened to Linda Chung by the media. Subsequent to winning the crown, she participated in various charity events as a goodwill ambassador. During the competition, Cheryl was determined to help people in need and raise awareness on animal rights. The kind-hearted beauty has never ceased to devote time in community works and advocate for animal well-being since then. She collaborated with a local stray dog foundation on a project to educate the general public on the importance of protecting animals from harm and giving them a permanent home. On the other hand, the Pageant training had also provided her with abundant on-screen experience. Joining the Fairchild TV family as a “What’s On” host the following year was just the way to go.  


Shortly after the Pageant, the talented and beautiful Miss Chinese Vancouver 2018 Alice Lin instantly landed multiple commercial jobs, attended ribbon cutting ceremonies and dedicated time and effort to promote multiculturalism at various events. Her phenomenal performance at the Miss Chinese International Pageant left a lasting impression to senior executives at TVB, subsequently earning her an artiste management contract with the entertainment giant. After fulfilling her duties as Miss Chinese Vancouver, she will be relocating to Hong Kong for her acting career debut. Her previous pageant stage experience and training will be a good solid foundation for her road to stardom.


All these extraordinary ladies made a crucial decision by taking a leap of faith which changed their lives forever.  They are all champions of Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant. This year, “You Are The One”! Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant 2019 recruitment has officially started. The application deadline is September 13th (Friday) by 5pm.